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GATRA · Grifols Antithrombin Research Awards

GATRA · Grifols Antithrombin Research Awards

The GATRA Program is an annual international award to foster a scientific network and also the knowledge in the use of Antithrombin as a therapeutic product. Proposals may include, but are not limited to: efficacy, mechanism of action, safety and tolerability, quality of life and pharmacoeconomics.


The Program offers 1 award of €50,000 to applicants whose proposals best match the program's objectives, as assessed by an independent review committee. GATRA aims to:

  • Develop novel concepts on Antithrombin research.
  • Encourage discovery of beneficial Antithrombin applications.
  • Further investigate mechanisms of action or clinical effects in different indications.
  • Establish new and long-lasting cooperation with participating scientists and clinicians.
  • Strengthen and increase the existing network between researchers and the company.
  • Foster relationships with KOLs in different fields.

Extended submission period: May 31, 2023 · APPLY NOW!

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